Beware the Bogart

Friday 3rd of January 2020 to Wednesday 29th of January 2020. Meet the exhibitors on Saturday 4th January 11.30 – 13.30 in the gallery

There are strange creatures that lurk in the lanes and beside the hedges of Lincolnshire.  There are tales of witches that could stop a galloping horse in its tracks and the dire consequences of moving a stone out of the way of the plough.

Ethel Rudkin was fascinated by the stories told to her by the folk of Lincolnshire and started to record them as they were told to her.  She went on to publish a book 'Lincolnshire Folklore.' Mrs Rudkin, was also a great collector of 'Bygones' and a keen Archaeologist . Her house at Willoughton was well-known as a place of fascination being filled with bones, flints, pottery and all manner of curiosities.

Ethel Rudkin

Come and discover more about Ethel Rudkin and her important contributions to what we know of the history of Lincolnshire....but beware the boggart!

Lincolnshire Folklore by Ethel Rudkin