Online Exhibition f4 Photographers

Whilst we are closed to visitors, you can view our exhibitions from this page. To purchase prints, email your order including telephone number to:

f4 Photographers
The f4 Group consists of 3 members – Ray Duke CPAGB, Colin Lusby CPAGB, and Peter Scott. Our photography is still ‘developing.’ So what can you expect to see in the exhibition; landscapes and townscapes of both the local area and further afield, along with street photography and wildlife photography as well as creative and abstract work. The work in the exhibition will show a range of styles and techniques used by the three of us including both colour and monochrome prints some of which will have been produced using infrared radiation.

Mounted and framed A3 Prints: £35 plus postage & packing UK only.
Mounted and Unframed A3 Prints: £25 plus postage & packing UK only.
Prices for other parts of the world on request.
To purchase prints, email your order including telephone number to:

Gateway to Grainsby Park Ray Duke.
Print no. 9: Gateway to Grainsby Park by Ray Duke.

Trimocalee Ray Duke
Print no. 7: Trimocalee by Ray Duke

Garden Produce Still Life Ray Duke
Print no. 2: Garden Produce Still Life by Ray Duke

Humber Bank Industry Ray Duke
Print no. 1: Humber Bank Industry by Ray Duke

A Touch of Silver Peter Scott
Print no. 11: A Touch of Silver by Peter Scott

Brinkhill Church Colin Lusby
Print no. 22: St. Phillips, Brinkhill by Colin Lusby

Centre Point by Peter Scott
Print no. 18: Centre Point (Dahlia) by Peter Scott

Dead Wood Peter Scott
Print no. 10: Dead Wood by Peter Scott

Fortification Peter Scott
Print no. 12: Fortification Peter Scott

High and Dry Ray Duke
Print no. 8: High and Dry by Ray Duke

Humberston Beach Colin Lusby
Print no. 26: Humberston Beach by Colin Lusby

Humberston Beach Ray Duke
Print no. 3: Humberston Beach by Ray Duke

Local Landmark Colin Lusby
Print no. 21: Local Landmark by Colin Lusby

Painterly Gibraltar Point Ray Duke
Print no. 4: Painterly Gibraltar Point by Ray Duke

Pavement Cafe Cambridge Ray Duke
Print no. 5: Pavement Cafe Cambridge by Ray Duke

River Thames at Night. Peter Scott
Print no. 14: River Thames at Night. by Peter Scott

Ross Tiger Peter Scott
Print no. 13: Ross Tiger by Peter Scott

Silhouettes against a False Sun by Ray Duke
Print no. 6: Silhouettes against a False Sun by Ray Duke

The Weir. Peter Scott
Print no. 17: The Weir. Peter Scott

Thornton Abbey Gate House Peter Scott
Print no. 15: Thornton Curtis Gate House by Peter Scott

Tower Bridge Peter Scott
Print no. 16: Tower Bridge by Peter Scott

Tree Line, Somersby Colin Lusby
Print no. 24: Tree Line, Somersby by Colin Lusby

Waterfall Swallet Colin Lusby
Print no. 19: Waterfall Swallet by Colin Lusby

Whitby Abbey  Colin Lusby
Print no. 20: Whitby Abbey by Colin Lusby

 Tree Silhouette Colin Lusby
Print no. 23: Tree Silhouette by Colin Lusby

Grimsby River Terminal Colin Lusby
Print no. 25: Grimsby River Terminal by Colin Lusby